Follow These Safety Precautions when Working Near the Rotary Table in Drilling

2 November 2018
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Most of the accidents that occur in the drilling environment happen on the rig floor, and especially in the area immediate to the rotary table. In most cases, members of the drilling team get injured when they are caught between the equipment and the tubular. It is, therefore, important to ensure that you follow all the recommended safety rules when working near or around the table to avoid accidents. Here are the safety precautions that can help you minimise the probability of accidents. Read More 

Construction Equipment Rental: Four Crucial Tips for Choosing a Tray Top Crane

12 June 2018
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If you are planning on renting a tray top crane for your construction work, you should take time to inspect and assess the heavy equipment before acquisition. Choosing the wrong crane for your needs will result in financial losses and inefficiencies on the worksite. On the other hand, the right construction equipment will ensure worksite safety and optimal performance. Here are essential tips to remember when selecting your rental tray top crane. Read More 

Forklift License Testing: What You Need to Know

26 January 2018
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Forklift trucks are a very useful piece of equipment. However, in the wrong hands, these machines can be extremely dangerous. If you operate a heavy construction equipment company, you will need staff who can safely operate forklift trucks so you can load support equipment onto trucks from your yard. If you are interested in possibly sending staff members on a forklift truck driving course, you may be wondering about the various requirements are and what trainees can expect. Read More 

On-Site Lifting Equipment Options

14 December 2017
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When you are working on a construction project, big or small, there is always the time when you will need to raise items from the ground to their intended position. Whether you need to raise pre-cast sections of concrete to create upper storeys or timbers to fashion a roofline, construction professionals need a method of getting them off the ground which is both safe and reliable whilst offering good value for money. Read More 

Carry heavy loads with ease using a front end loader

1 November 2017
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When you have a load of material that needs to be moved then using one or more front end loaders is a great way to achieve this without delaying the project. Front end loaders allow material to be quickly loaded into stockpiles for transfer into trucks so that it can be taken away from the site. What is a front end loader? Front end loaders are essentially tractors that are fitted with a large, square tilting bucket on the front. Read More